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Established November 12, 2000
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Insect Bite & Sting recipe

My Weather Cam

Contact me at mail to benjamin.
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Picture of Ben
(Legal Name) Bernard D. Anlage III
I'm called Ben by my friends

Link to ozblades.com
Ozblades My Son's page

These are some of my oldest sons work
in one of my cases.

Link to preciousplunder.com
My Brother's page
This is some of my brother Jim's work

Link to Merchandise Page
Here is a look at some of my woodwork (Inkle Loom)

Picture of Fiona and Corvin
Here are my beautiful grandchildren, Fiona and Corvin

Picture at Martha and Gabe's Wedding
My youngest daughter, Martha, has gotten Married to Gabe Boehm

My Cheesecake recipe

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Background photo by Rich Welden (My little sister's husband)